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May 28, 2016 by

I’m putting my email to AutoProtect up on my blog, on the off-chance that someone else who searches for the company will see the sort of problems I’ve been having with them. As I say in the email, Trustpilot don’t seem to let people reply to companies’ comments on their reviews, and I thought future potential customers of APA should at least have some idea what they might be in for.
I would heartily recommend not buying their products.

Hi Anna. re: my review of AutoProtect. It appears I can’t reply to your comments on the site, so I’ll address your points here.
– Of course I didn’t put my real name and car registration online, where it will be permanently available to the entire world. I’m not an idiot.
– Since receiving a claim number at the beginning of March this year, I’ve spent around 3 hours on the phone to your company, to be told various spurious reasons why you haven’t made good on your claim. As of today, approximately 3 months later, the claim still hasn’t been paid. I work freelance. That’s 3 hours of unpaid time that I’ve had to give up, talking to your call centre.
– Of the £603.12 that the repairs cost, I was grudgingly told that AutoProtect would pay £399.59. I’ve had enough experience of companies like yours to know that disputing your incorrect valuation is pointless, and only more of a waste of my time, leaving me no choice but to accept it and to try to draw a line under it. I would assert that your terms and conditions are intended to mislead potential customers, and to avoid paying anywhere near market value for work you claim to fall under your warranty.
– Some of the reasons I’ve been given for non-payment by your telephone operatives are:
  • ‘the policy isn’t live yet’ (without explaining what that means or how it’s possible).
  • ‘the invoice hasn’t been received’ (when I had already emailed it).
  • ‘we’ve not had the paperwork from the dealer to say that there is a warranty’ (when the paperwork had been sent three months before).
  • ‘it still isn’t live’ (two months later; again, with no explanation as to why, or what that phrase even means).
  • ‘someone hasn’t pressed the final button’ (a baffling statement, and was unexplained).
  • and finally, today ‘it’s been processed’ (but still unpaid, offering no explanation as to why ‘paying your customers’ is not part of the ‘process’).
Finally, if Anna is your real name, and not just a catch-all name used by various employees to answer queries from Trustpilot, then please reconsider your career. I would be embarrassed and ashamed to work for a company that misleads its customers about the value of its products, and tries every possible tactic to reduce, and wheedle its way out of, its obligations. A brief search of review sites tells me that I’m not your only customer who thinks this. Since Trustpilot doesn’t allow me to reply to your comments on my review, I’ll be publishing a copy of this email personally, I would (and will) tell anyone who asks that your products are a waste of time.

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