fiji land (or: hey, I have a new play on! Sweet!)

Jan 1, 2014 by

fiji land (or: hey, I have a new play on!  Sweet!)

Yep, I have a new play on.  Huzzah. It’s called fiji land, and has the collectively-brilliant Stephen Bisland, Jake Ferretti and Matthew Trevannion as its cast, directed by Alice Malin, and produced by Three Streets Productions; an earlier version of it was a finalist in the inaugural iceandfire / Amnesty International Protect the human competition (dir. Bob Wolstenholme).

It’s on at the Burton Taylor Theatre in Oxford, followed by the Southwark Playhouse in London, and it’s about torture and horticulture.  Horticultorture, if you will.

If you’re interested in interacting with this ‘play’ in some way, then you can…

Watch a trailer!

Read an interview with me!
Buy a copy of the script!
Buy tickets for the Oxford shows (8-11 January 2014) !
Buy tickets for the London shows (15 January – 8 February 2014)!
[post-show talk on 31 January, if that’s your sort of thing]

Three Streets on Twitter: @Three_Streets
Burton Taylor on Twitter: @OxfordPlayhouse
If you’re on Twitter, you can use the #fijiland tag to talk about the play.

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