Hand & Eye in ‘The Guardian’ last Saturday.

Apr 8, 2010 by

As ever, it’s been far longer between posts than I thought it would be. Probably a few short ones on the way, for anyone interested in my continued narcissism. Hand & Eye Letterpress had a little feature in The Guardian over the Easter break and, given that it might have been missed, I’ve scanned the piece in below for your pleasure.  Note the little photo of me looking shifty in the background, like I’m about to pinch something…

UPDATE: You can now watch Jon Henley and Graeme Robertson‘s narrated slideshow…

Please be clickington on the picture to see a large version...

In other print-related news, there’s now a dedicated site where you can browse through & buy all the Hand & Eye poster output; just head over to www.letterpressposters.co.uk and have a look around.  Our newest offering is The Duke, featuring a large linocut by Daley Walton (designer & printer of The Monroe Transfer‘s artwork).

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