Little Fish Paper Squares :: casting & printing

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Little Fish Paper Squares :: casting & printing

Well, as ever, I’ve taken forever to write anything new. As ever, it’s because I’m too busy doing things to write about them in a narcissistic way; I’m sure I’ll catch up sooner or later. I’m having a lunch break at the moment, though, so I’ll do a tiny one here.

One of my oldest friends, Ben Walker, now plays Hammond organ (and harmonica, I think, and possibly a bit of guitar; I lose track) for Little Fish. They do a rather pleasing thing for some of their fans, involving sending out nice bits of art and stuff to people who sign up.  They asked me if  I could print some lyrics from a new song and, being the sort of person who likes doing that sort of thing, I said yes.

Since I happened to be casting some 10 on 12pt Plantin on the Monotype caster at Hand & Eye, I quickly knocked up a ribbon file from the text he’d sent me, and cast the metal type at the end of the day; a couple of days later, I hung around after work and managed to get two colours printed in about 3 hours on our Heidelberg platen press, which was pleasing.  And, knowing how much Ben loves documenting everything that happens, I filmed a few bits of the casting and printing in progress and sent them off to him with the finished cards.  True to form, he made something with them, and here it is…

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