Monotype Composition Caster in action

May 22, 2010 by

Monotype Composition Caster in action

At the end of last year, we at Hand & Eye Letterpress acquired a two Monotype casters (a composition caster and a supercaster); now, after a lot of buggering about, fiddling, hooking up water and compressed air, reprogramming a USB interface, cleaning, oiling, polishing and tinkering, it’s finally working…

The video was shot by Rosa de Carlo at Hand & Eye Letterpress; very soon we’ll be formally announcing the range of faces we have available for casting at Hand & Eye, so if you’re looking to print a publication, or to get hold of some newly-cast type, keep your eyes open…

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  1. I love the sound of proper machinery.

  2. Jeff

    Seeing your video of your caster brings back many happy memories for me. I had operated many different types of casters over a period of 20 years. In those days I had to be able to do the repairs etc. I was well known in the business and learn’t my trade through a guy called Cyril Seymour who worked for Monotype.
    Best of Luck to you.
    Jeff Stokes

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Jeff; thanks for your comment- very glad to hear it brought back happy memories for you. Yep, there are a few people still casting- I’m very much a Johnny-Come-Lately, but I’m slowly getting the hang of it. There’s a lot to master, as I’m sure you remember. I’ve cast a couple of books on the composition caster now, and am pretty competent at some sizes of display type and leads on the Super.

    If you’re interested, I write more about Monotype stuff on – I work at the Type Archive in Kennington for one day a week, where they have all the Monotype equipment, as well as the Stephenson Blake materials and the De Little wood type equipment. Anyone who needs a replacement composition matrix can still order them from there, and I’m learning all the steps involved in making mats. A lengthy process, but one that has to be kept going.

    All the best; hope you’re keeping well.

  4. Allan

    I operated both keyboard and caster, including monophoto, for thirteen years. The casters were an ingenious piece of kit and I will never forget the distinctive “clatter”. Happy days.

  5. Geoff Anderson

    Geoff April 2015 I still miss the smell of Hot Metal (Philistine I used Linotype) but also used a Monotype at Liverpool College of Art on “Day release” as an apprentice Printer and still miss it even after 45 years.

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