Music Product 026a :: announcement 01

Mar 22, 2017 by

Music Product 026a :: announcement 01

Hello contemporary listener; this is Nick Gill here, head idiot behind the Music Product podcast, interrupting your week with my real, actual voice.

If you’re hearing this message, then you’re one of up-to-thirty people who actually download and listen to Music Product, and I just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ for listening. It makes me really happy.

Near the end of 2016, I found that I wasn’t making nearly as much music as I wanted to, so I started recording something new every week and plonking it online for good folk like you to have a listen to. The only trouble is that, once I’ve gathered enough energy to record the music, I don’t have any left to try to persuade people to listen to it; so I’m going to ask for your help. If you know someone who you think might like it, then please do tell them – write a tweet, do a faceblog, anything like that.

I’ve basically given up on the idea that anyone can make a living from music, but I would really like it if the music I make could find its way into the ears of people who might like it. So, if you have a moment, please do share this around, and maybe we can increase the audience for this, the world’s most niche radio station: playing music made by one person, for an audience that’s not much larger.

I’ve just released another piece of music, called The Garden, which is an improvised piece of music for guitar and electronics. It’s up on my music page,; the page has had a bit of a facelift too, so do have a look there if you haven’t been there recently. If you’re interested in The Monroe Transfer, my 8 piece orchestra of anger and misery, I can tell you that we should have some news for you pretty soon, after our accidental, five-year hiatus.

Thanks again for listening; I really do appreciate it, every week. So from me, and from the Irish robot lady …

[bye bye]

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