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Some friends (spearheaded by the ever-‘hey-I’ve-got-an-idea-why-don’t-we’ Ben Walker) and I have been trying to put together a sort-of literary magazine for ages.  Except, now we’ve done it, it’s not particularly literary- there are some stories in it, but less poetry than we thought there would be, and there’s some sheet music, and a pretty damned awesome graphic short story by Daley Walton.  So it’s very much something that you’ll enjoy, if you like words and paper, and things that have been printed and tied together with string.

As it’s my blog, I will tell you how I was involved, while minimising the achievements of others:

  • I wrote a short story, called slpr, which is in it. There are some pictures.
  • Daley turned a short play of mine (previously performed by Leander Deeny at Theatre 503, about a thousand years ago) into a pretty damned awesome graphic short story, which is worth the price of admission on its own.
  • But wait! I also printed the covers.  That’s right.  Letterpress printed covers, on a magazine.  Luxury, I tell you.  Luxury.

It’s only £5, people.  You should get on it.  It’s nice, and we didn’t make many of them, and it will encourage us to do more stupid things in the future.  Go!  Go!


(oh, and there’s a tumblr here.  Because Ben was in charge, and that’s what he does)

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