‘Sand’: a new play of mine at the Royal Court

Jun 18, 2013 by

‘Sand’: a new play of mine at the Royal Court

So, the Royal Court have been having a preposterously busy season for the last few weeks, putting on all sorts of exciting shows in interesting formats.  One of those things is Surprise Theatre: an audience watches a show of less than an hour, and only finds out anything about it at the very end when they’re handed a list of cast & crew.  The idea’s the brainchild of Caryl Churchill (one of my absolute heroes, of course), who wondered if it was even possible, in this day and age, to see something that you had absolutely no preconceptions about.

Now, being Suprise Theatre, I couldn’t talk about it. But now I can, of course: the brilliant Vicky Featherstone has directed the amazing Eileen Walsh (and I know everyone always says their actors are amazing, but seriously. Just watch) in a play of mine called Sand, and you can watch it below.  I would be extremely delighted if you did.  

And it’s not over yet: there are new Surprise Theatre events happening on the next two Mondays & Tuesdays, which will be streamed live on the Royal Court’s website.

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