Schwarze spiegel / Black Mirrors

May 17, 2013 by

Schwarze spiegel / Black Mirrors

As per the last post, here’s a little video of Katharina Scmitt’s production of Schwarze spiegel in Prague, starring Ivana Uhlířová and Liza.

It seems unlikely that anyone at all is reading this, let alone someone who’s young and likely to be offended, but on the off-chance: the video contains some sexual violence, and some distant crackly music.

Arno Schmidt – Schwarze Spiegel/Černá zrcadla
Studio Hrdinů Prag 2013
Regie: Katharina Schmitt
Bühne: Pavel Svoboda
Musik: Nick Gill
Mit: Ivana Uhlířová und Líza

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  1. Fucking hell. I hadn’t seen that before.

    One of my favourite songs by my favourite band. And a very passable impression of one of my favourite pieces for theatre ever (

    Bloody hell.

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