The Peoples Princess (episode #1)

Jan 25, 2010 by

The Peoples Princess (episode #1)

Two things happened between 25th December 2009 and 1st January 2010.  Well, obviously more things than that, but germane to this post are two things in particular:

  • My old friend Ben Walker got a Flip portable recording device for Christmas.
  • A hung-over Nick & Ben decided that the most productive use of our time would be to make some sort of videocast, in which we talked nonsense.

Thus The Peoples Princess (sic) was born.

Below is episode #1, for your viewing pleasure.  Please have a bit of a watch, and tell your friends if you enjoy it.  Also, feel free to email us with any comments, abuse or opinions.  Anything with the words ‘You guyz SUCK!!!!!1111!!! R U ghey or somthin?!?>???!?!?!!!?!  !  LOL!!!’ will be given special preference.

Ben Walker
Nick Gill
Daley Walton

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