Vorbal: some more NES music

Mar 8, 2010 by

Vorbal: some more NES music

Just a quickie: I’ve finally managed to get round to recording another Eileen Benn piece. In case you missed the last one and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m wrtiting lots of music for old computer synths (or emulated ones, at least). You can hear it, and lots of my other music, by clicking the ‘Listen to Nick’s music’ link above or to the left…

EDIT: or you can listen to it right here…

<a href="http://nickgill.bandcamp.com/track/vorbal">Vorbal by nick gill</a>

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  1. I meant to ask, which emulator do you use?

    Yay for 8-Bit.

  2. nick

    You know, I can’t quite remember. There are loads of them kicking around, but most of them seem to have built in analog-style sequencers, which I’ve not got round to getting along with.

    You can get the ones I use here, though:

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